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" I was lucky to have found this company at a time where I felt so lost and alone. Shannon, the owner, and I spent several times messaging each other about my journey and progress. She listened to me rants as well. When we decided to start more invasive fertility treatments such as IVF I immediately took to the shop to order some shirts. The warrior shirt and find joy in your journey shirts spoke to me. I’m pretty sure I lived in them during IVF."

Comfortable shirts are my life! So not only does Nine 16 Designs make super comfy tees and tanks, they support the infertility community fiercely! They have a variety of different sayings on their products that speak to everyone with an easy ordering and shipping process. The quality of the product is unmatched! On a separate note, they have a great social media presence as well that is always providing inspirational quotes perfect for everyone! Great products and good people - Nine 16 Designs is a winner in my book!

"Shannon has been more than supportive! The items she creates helps to bring awareness to infertility and have actually helped spark conversations at church or when taking my dogs to the vet about the meaning behind my shirts. Her shop and herself have not only helped me through my darkest times, but has cheered me on through the happiest times. I’m so thankful for finding this sweet shop and getting to know this owner."

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