Rose Gold 6 Piece Straw Set with Linen Bag - Nine 16 Designs

Rose Gold 6 Piece Straw Set with Linen Bag

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Say bye-bye to the plastic straw! Going green and becoming environmentally friendly is no longer just about following a trend, it's about making an impact and doing good for this great Earth!

Each 6pc set contains a variety of sizes. Four eco- friendly, 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe straws, one cleaning tool and one canvas, zippered, waterproof-lined bag. Bag Approximately 2 inches X 11.5 inches. Includes: 10.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 10.5 inch straight straw (6mm diameter). 8.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 8.6 inch smoothie straw (8mm diameter). 10 inch cleaning tool. These are made from 18/8 304 food grade (FDA) stainless steel.